Jaguel Hilton

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Jaguel Hilton is our pride and joy at Gravitas Criollos. Hilton is an impressive Criollo stallion. Hilton is easy going and a true gentleman. Out of top producer and third highest ranking stallion in Uruguay RD Escorpiao, he has lots of bone and substance! 14.2 hands and 1,000lbs. Performance credentials to match (Freno de Oro/ Freio de Ouro) his conformation. Built for a bridle and made for reined work. Already a producer of winning offspring in Uruguay.

He also sports three of the hottest Criollo lines in Western Reining including the indomitable La Invernada Hornero (the 'Doc Bar' of Criollo performance bloodlines), Tren Tren Arrebol, and La Invernada Aniversario! You may have seen two other Criollos competing in reining in the US in 2018...F5 Licurgo Tapajos who placed at the World Equestrian Games and Estupendo Marca Dos Santos who was at the NRHA futurity.

2010 Expo Prado (Uruguay Nationals) Morphology (Conformation) 3 year old stallions 4th place
2014 Freno de Oro/Freio de Ouro Montevideo (Uruguay Nationals) 3rd place
2014 Freno de Oro/Freio de Ouro World Finals Qualifier
2015 Freno de Oro/Freio de Ouro Montevideo (Uruguay Nationals) 2nd place
2015 Freno de Oro/Freio de Ouro World Finals Qualifier

Hilton is standing at High Plains Genetics(https://www.facebook.com/HighPlainsGeneticsLLC/) for the 2019 breeding season during the months of April and May. A great opportunity to get in on some of the best performance Criollo genetics, and add some bone and substance to your mares at a phenomenal price. As this is Hilton's first year offering shipped semen we are doing a special of $900 (plus shipping). On site AI is available through High Plains Genetics. Don't forget half Quarter Horse foals can be registered through the American Half Quarter Horse Registry. Get in contact with us to see a contract. We hope to hear from you!

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